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Ever since I left for college last 2005, all I did was move about. Move from one place to another. First year of college, I stayed in a dormitory. Second year, I moved in with my cousin. Third and fourth year, I was planning on moving but stayed in the same condo after my cousin moved out. After college, I moved back home. A few months later, I got accepted for work in the city so I had to move in with my sisters. 2 years later, I moved to Canada to study. I lived with my relatives for a few months. When they left for a vacation for a month, I moved in with my parent's friend then moved back in with my relatives when they came home. Just a few days later, I moved out and moved in with a roommate who I thought was a friend. She is but what friend would think of you as a thief? Did I ever steal anything from her? No. Did I borrow anything that I didn't return ( which is another way of putting out the first question )? No. I never even touched anything that she bought even though she said that I can.

You know, I don't appreciate it being thought of as a thief. I know she had her problems, but don't expect everyone to be like that. I was actually willing to leave some of my stuff behind for her next roommate or for her use if she wants it. but seeing as she thinks of me this way, I'd rather just take all my stuff and not leave anything behind.

Why is it that I feel so unwelcome here ever since I got back from Toronto? It's not fair that I get to pay $100 more than she does just because she furnished the place.

I'm feeling a little revengeful right now. I just want to yell, and I want to blast some music. But I'm not really that type of person.

I was willing to invite her to my place for our usual appy nights. But after this, I don't even think I would want anything to do with her.

Thanks for everything though. You made it impossible for me to go out of my room and use anything that is yours. Maybe I should sleep in the floor tonight and not use the mattress you had provided?

It's just unfair.

Summer Qualification.. :)

A few days ago, I just got home from a summer vacation with my family... We went to one of the islands in the country, Palawan. Particularly El Nido. :) The plane ride was not pleasant as I REALLY had small airplanes that have a VERY high possibility of turbulence (which it really had plus the rains) so I wasn't really feeling well the entire first day of our trip...

But, despite the plane ride, I had SO much fun. XD

Anyways, about the "Qualification" part. The Japanese Embassy just called a while ago (12PM to be exact - I was still sleeping when the phone inside my room rang. I was about to let it ring but then I decided to answer it...) The girl on the other line said that I am qualified for the exam! XD I am gonna take the exam this coming June 23rd at the Japanese Embassy... :) I am really hyped about this even though I'm not as excited on studying in Japan anymore... But ANYWAYS, it still makes me feel VERY hyped! XD

Summer Boredom

 It's been another long time since I last posted something here.. ^^; I can't seem to find anything to post here...

Anyways, I'm back at home in the province... And I have already settled in because I've been here for about 3-4 weeks already since school ended... I can't say I like how my room is arranged but not that I can do anything about it anymore.. My mom won't allow me to put anything close to the ground... So everything that has to be in the ground are placed above tables. -.-

Aside from moving back in, I have started and finished driving lessons and will get my driver's license this coming Friday! XD Actually, I was supposed to get it last Friday but I don't have a TIN (Tax Identification Number) so my mom had to get one and it didn't arrive before Friday... So, next Friday it is...

During it's premier night, together with my parents and younger sister, I watched Angels and Demons. It was a nice movie, actually.. Despite the fact that it was a bit morbid and I did not have an arm to grab when I was suddenly afraid or something. It was nice and had a few funny moments... Very few. :) But on my side, I found the climax of the story a bit funny because my sister was crying next time! As in she was totally sobbing. But, I just decided to enjoy the movie and ignore her.. ^^;; Again, it's a nice movie. :)

I have my laptop back! I gave my dad's laptop to my sister and she gave back mine and I reformatted it last night.. :) And since I did the reformatting on my own, I saved 1000php! (maybe about $21 if my conversion rate is correct) Plus, I'm not afraid of reformatting now.. :) I was so afraid of reformatting anything now... Before I couldn't even reformat my windows desktop unless I had my sister or my bf to do it for me.. ^^;

And with that, I am bored. (lol) I've been bored for the past 3-4 weeks here at home doing nothing. My friends are out there, I don't know where. As far as I know one of my friends just came home from the city just after her summer classes ended (as well as my sisters') and the other two are reviewing for their Nursing boards this coming June... And then the other is, maybe, at home with her nieces and nephews, and the other... I don't know. Lost. ^^;;;

Been too long

Hey! I've been away for a bit too long here at LJ... I've been busy.. But I have been updating my other blog though...

Anyways, here are what have happened to me since my last post:
- we passed thesis and we won Silver for the Most Outstanding Thesis Award for our college
- I have moved back home and have now vacated my dormitory
- I am graduating this coming June 20th
- I am bored to death here at home
- I just started driving school a while ago
- I plan to try the monbunsho scholarship of the Japanese government
- in any instance that I don't pass the scholarship, I plan on looking for a job outside this freakin' country
- I am so confused right now..

With regards to my last bullet, I really am very confused. Somehow, I see Japan as, not as enduring to me anymore. Sure I'd still love to visit the country.. Visit, not study there. I don't know. I've had 2 japanese classes and I find it a bit difficult to catch up with all the words and stuff... What more if I study there. Oh well... Better try...

And, I am also thinking, will I apply for a job already while waiting for the scholarship exams to start? I already found good jobs in the US... I think I even found a few in Canada.. But the monbunsho is stopping me... My sister tells me that I should still try out the monbunsho before I apply for any job anywhere else... And that it might give me a better opportunity to get a job in the US... I don't know..  That's why I'm so confused. Any help? Any suggestions?

New Moon

 I'm half way done with New Moon (I've been reading it for about a week already in between thesis breaks) and I kind of find it very, how can I say this, boring? I don't know... Well, one thing is, Edward is not there. Kidding! Haha. But really, for me, the parts where Edward is makes me so excited. While I read the book, I keep finding myself skipping through details and going to the talking... ^^;

Although, my sister was right.. Jacob has character in this book. He's much like Edward, I guess. Only he's still not the person, or creature, which would make me feel, hmm, happy? as I read...? I guess...? I don't know.

I like New Moon, but as of now, nothing still beats the first book. :)

There was a time though, during the time when Bella faced Laurent, when I found myself REALLY scared for some reason. I wasn't scared at all when I was reading Twilight. I was expecting myself to be scared actually, because of the James thing. But no, I was more scared and I felt my heart beat fast while I was reading with the part of Laurent... Weird. Maybe because I haven't slept at that time. LOL

Anyways, more on this after I finish the book.. :)

[ EDIT - March 2, 2009 ]

I finished the book just yesterday morning after I sent our thesis files to our leader.

I found it.... Hmm.... Good. :)

Even though Jacob was a bit disappointing in the end, I think it still turned out ok.. I'm still happy with the outcome.. :) Although I was expecting something more from the Volturi, I guess I'd have to wait as I read Eclipse.. :3

[ /EDIT ]


 I have been reading Twilight for the past how many weeks. I can say that the first part of the book is a bit draggy. But while you get deeper, the deeper the story goes as well, and the more I'm liking it. Before, I used to use the book as a sleeping medicine to help me sleep cause I am having trouble sleeping. Now, it's the type of book, similar to how Harry Potter had affected me, that kept me awake other than the opposite.


What I liked most about the book is the relationship between Edward and Bella. How Edward had this AMAZING touch to Bella that she can resist. And how gentleman Edward can become.


If you ask me, even though he is a vampire, he is my type of perfect man. :3


More on this when I finish reading the book. I am still at chapter 15 right now and I would love to finish the entire saga. :)


[EDIT - Feb 25, 2009]


I have finished reading Twilight last Monday (haven't slept well cause the book kept me awake all morning until around 5-6AM LOL) and I would want to say that it is a BLAST!!!!


It kept me awake for the same reason that I am very much intrigued by Edward and Bella's relationship. I am not really a fan of Vampires, anything that had to do with horror stuff actually, but this one really had a BIG impact on me. I don't know why. Again, maybe it's because of a human to vampire relationship and how they kept it.


I wouldn't want to post anything that had to do with the story here even though I know that most of those who will be reading this had already finished the book MONTHS before the release of the movie. I just wanted to post up my opinion on it.


I found Edward very much cute in such a way that even though he knows that anytime he might kill Bella, he tries his best to save her still. And, I find it very obvious (maybe everyone did) that he TOTALLY LOVES BELLA! XD


I guess that's all the I can share about it. All I know is, I am once again obsessed. :3


[/EDIT - Feb 26, 2009 ]


Hi! I'm new to LJ :)

I have another blog though. You can click here to visit it. So I decided to post something useful in this blog, when I do post.. :) Something that I rarely do. Or maybe I can post my stories here. I'm still not sure.. :) 

I'll try to post something when I get the time cause right now we are in the verge of finishing a thesis project and we only have one week left to do it... So, I'll see you guys after that! :)